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Frequently asked questions

1What is Switch+?
Switch Plus Home Automation Control is a line of easy to use, plug and play devices. Each is easy to install with QR code and Simple Switch Plus App or any Alexa or google home powered device or with IFTT. It works with your existing Wi-Fi Router to keep you connected with ease and does not require additional services.
2What is Switch+ 3ON?
Switch+ 3ON is a WiFi 3 relay Switch that can turn any normal electrical switch in to a Smart Switch. Just connect the 3ON on the back of any switch as shown in the product manual, install free Switch+ Smart App, pair and get started.
3What is Switch+ Connect?
Easily turn off any appliance that has been accidentally left powered on via the Simple Home App using your existing Wi-Fi network (NO HUB NEEDED). Power your devices from anywhere in the world. Access and control your entire home with multiple smart Wi-Fi wall outlets.
4What is Switch+ Lumina?
Switch+ Lumina is a Wi-Fi connected Smart RGB LED Bulb that lets you create unique experiences in your home, wirelessly. Control and automate your lights with the free Switch+ Smart Home App, and Google and Alexa voice assistants.
5What is Switch+ Maze?
Switch+ Maze is an LED Light Strip that lets you set the perfect atmosphere and ambiance around you exactly how you envision it. All it takes is a quick tap or voice command. And because Maze Light Strip connects directly to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, you’re spared the hassle of setting up a smart hub.
6How can I share my devices with my family?
Open the Switch+ Smart Home App, go to " My Home " page > Click the device you want to share > Click the ' ... ' button in the upper right corner > find the "Share devices " in the "Other" part. Click and be done. Now you can share the device with any of your added family members.
7Can I control the Smart Plug from any 2G/3G/4G Cellular network?
Yes. You only need your smartphone to be in the same wi-fi network for initial set up. Once configured, you can connect and control your Switch Plus Smart devices from anywhere in the world using any cellular or wi-fi networks.
8What should I do when the device connection fails?
First, don't panic. This is most likely a temporarily loss of connection. Please refer the individual device manual for trouble shooting steps. Troubleshooting shouldn't take more than 2 minutes.
9Why Switch+ Smart Lighting?
Switch+ Smart Lights make homes and spaces beautiful, by enabling you to create the perfect lighting effect for every room and every occasion, in a very simple and convenient way, using just our free Switch+ Smart Home App on your smartphone.
10Can I use my Smart Speaker to control the device?
Absolutely! All Switch Plus products works with Google and Amazon Alexa voice assistants and smart speakers. Refer our help section on how to pair your smart speakers to control your smart home.